Enrollment Management Made Easy

With a seemingly never-ending list of new participants, flight changes, and now pandemic restrictions, keeping track of participants who need insurance coverage and for what period of time is a job in and of itself. Not to mention that having each member insured for the full period of their program is a requirement of the Department of State, adding an extra layer of potential liability.

While managing the health insurance portion of a program can seem like a daunting task at first, our enrollment management system is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive and should help make this process as easy as possible. This article will explore a plethora of helpful tips and tricks to help you navigate the enrollment process with ease!


Using the Enrollment System to its Full Potential

All clients of ours receive free access to our state-of-the-art enrollment system, or “the tool” as we call it. The tool was built by our in-house tech team from the ground up, meaning that it was designed to do everything you can imagine and more. From sending out ID cards with a touch of a button to adding hundreds of new enrollments from a single spreadsheet, our system can do it all — and fast.

This is a list of some of the features of the tool
  • Add coverage
  • Edit coverage
  • Cancel coverage
  • Download a single ID Card/Visa Letter or many at once
  • Email ID Card/Visa Letter to participants
  • Email ID Card/Visa Letter to an alternative email
  • Full search capabilities
  • Export enrollments to excel
  • Bulk updates
  • Upload new enrollments via excel
  • Cancel coverage via excel
  • Modify coverage via excel
  • Sort and filter enrollments
  • Move participants between plans
  • Full API management capabilities
  • Various levels of user credentials

Each year our tool undergoes a series of enhancements from client feedback, meaning it continues to get better and better! Learning what the tool can do as well as gaining familiarity with its key features will help make managing your insurance enrollments and modifications a breeze.

Here Are Some of Our Favorite Time-Saving Features:

  • Export to Excel — If at any point you need to audit your enrollments, you can easily export all of your members to a single spreadsheet. Better yet, if you only need to review expired members or perhaps the insurance records of members from one particular country, that’s an option for that as well.
  • Advanced Search — Rather than searching for records simply by their names or date of birth, the tool allows users to quickly isolate participants by any piece of information you’ve put into the system. For example, you’re able to identify members of a certain gender or insurance start date with just a few clicks.
  • Bulk Updates — Whenever you find yourself needing to cancel more than one insurance record, or update multiple participant’s dates at once, ask your account manager about gaining access to the bulk edit feature. This magical button will allow you to make the same update to as many records as you’d like and ridiculously fast. You can also email ID cards or visa letters in bulk too. This feature alone will save you a great deal of time.
  • Review Expiring Participants — This is extremely helpful for longer programs since each participant will need to have their coverage renewed after the first year. This handy feature will isolate which records are expiring within the next 90 days, giving you a lengthy period of time to make any necessary updates.
  • Multiple Plan Access — Oftentimes, programs will want to offer a lower-tiered, affordable insurance plan, and then a second plan offering higher coverage for an increased cost. In situations like this, our system allows you to easily manage each plan separately but also search and modify individual records across plans.

Setting Aside Time to Manage Your Enrollments

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the tool, you’ll gain a better understanding of how long it will take you to manage your enrollments and how frequently you’ll need to do so. Some programs will need to modify records every few days, while others may be able to get away with only doing so once a week or maybe even once a month.

The amount of time that it will take each program to manage their insurance enrollments will vary. Smaller or seasonal programs may need to log into the enrollment system more infrequently, while larger programs will require a lot more tweaking as flights are cancelled or visa appointments delayed.

Naturally, the more updates you have to make, the more overwhelming those changes can feel (even when you have access to an enrollment system like ours). This is why our team suggests that you set aside at least a few minutes each week to manage the insurance plan. Once you’ve collected each of the changes that need to be made, during this designated time you can add new participants to the system and also make any necessary changes to existing records.

It may be helpful to mark your calendar with the time you’d like to dedicate to this task, ensuring that you won’t be disturbed. The more that you stay on top of the changes that need to be made, the less stressful the task will be!

Leaning on your Account Manager

If at any point you’re feeling overwhelmed by the process of modifying your insurance enrollments or need a refresher of some of the tools’ key features, help is only a phone call, video call, or email away.

Your dedicated account manager can help answer any questions you may have about the tool, in addition to adding, removing, or altering your participant’s insurance coverage for you. If your updates are taking more than a few minutes to manage, loop in your account manager for assistance. Odds are they can show you a more efficient way to make the changes needed.

Our account managers have years of experience in the fields of both cultural exchange and international education and also hold an insurance license, making them an ideal resource to help you manage your enrollments and answer any questions. They are here to help you, so don’t be afraid to lean on them!

If you'd like a demo of our state-of-the-art enrollment system, please reach out to your account manager or contact us.
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Participant Student Zone

For future or current participants who are insured on our plans, you can view all the details about your plan through your Student Zone. You can find this information in your welcome email and insurance ID card. If you cannot find this, please contact us.