Insurance Products

Envisage Global Insurance offers a range of different insurance products, for a variety of different markets and needs. We listen to our clients, and make suggestions on the best carrier, administrator and plan benefits to fit the activities of your participants.

Some of the key markets we provide coverage for are:

While these are our key markets, our insurance plans are not limited to just these areas and if you have participants traveling outside of their home country, we have a plan for you! This also includes F1 or J1 visa categories in the USA, Gap Year Abroad students, study abroad students and international students to name a few!

Plan Benefits

We can provide a range of plans and options, benefits can include:

  • Up to $3 Million in coverage
  • $USD, ÔéČEuro pricing options
  • Full range of health/medical benefits
  • Travel related benefits (evacuation/repatriation as standard)
  • Mental health benefits
  • Acute onset of pre-existing conditions
  • Trip cancellation
  • Baggage
  • Personal/private liability
  • 24-hour travel assistance

Our Travel Secure plan is very popular, and would be a starting point for the majority of the plans that we offer. If you would like to receive a free proposal, please complete our quote request form.

Standard Features in all Plans

All our proposals are free, without any obligation to bind coverage, so we actively encourage you to contact us to compare our plans, benefits and rates. Included at no cost with all our plans:

Plan/Policy Review

For all our clients, we will review existing claims information (if available for new clients) and current policy details to explain to you where claims are occurring and what modifications we can make to the plan to make it better for your participants.

Client Enrollment System

All our plans include our industry-leading client enrollment system. Developed fully in-house by our own technical team, and receiving regular updates throughout the year - our enrollment system allows clients to manage their participants on their schedule. The system allows you to add, edit and delete coverage for participants either individually or via excel upload, full document (ID Card and Visa Letter) creation and delivery via email or through the Student Zone. The system also has API functionality so that enrollments can be made automatically from your system with no human interaction.

Digital ID Card

All our plans now include the ability for participants to download their ID card onto their iPhone or Android device. Their ID card will always be with them, and can be shown to providers at the time of treatment.

Student Zone

Available 24 hours a day, the Student Zone provides participants with all the information they will ever need about their insurance plan. Features include provider search tool, claims tracking, document download (ID Card and Visa Letter) and health and wellness information and advice.

Video Resources

We have developed a range of industry leading videos to help students understand the healthcare system and other important topics. An example of one of our videos is our introduction to the US Healthcare System. These videos are available for current clients to use in their orientation and training programs about the insurance plan.

Claim Tracking Online

Most of our plans now include the ability for participants to track their claims in real-time, download their EOB and converse with the claims team through the online messaging system. It greatly improves customer service and makes it much easier for participants to manage their claims.

Proposal Request

If you would like to receive a proposal, to compare our plans and options, please complete our quote request form with as much information as possible. We will get back in touch with immediately and hope to provide a proposal within 24 to 48 business hours.