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Did you know you can submit claims with your phone? All you need to do is gather your itemized bills and receipts, complete a claim form and then take a picture with your phone and email those images to

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Claim Forms

Standard Claim Form Online Claim Form Accident Questionnaire (complete if your injury was the result of an accident)

Claims Status

If you would like to find out the status of a claim, you can either email us at, log into your MyIMG account online or call IMG on:

How Claims Are Processed

Medical Claims in the USA

If you are receiving treatment through one of the network providers, the provider can submit the bill directly to IMG for processing. You will need to make sure to hand over a copy of your insurance ID card at the time of treatment, as this contains all the information about your insurance plan.

If the provider is not part of the network or you do not have your insurance ID card with you, they will typically ask for payment to be made upfront, and you would need to submit a claim form for reimbursement. Please keep copies of all receipts, bills and your full medical records so you can submit that to IMG along with a completed claim form.

Medical Claims outside the USA

If you are based outside the USA, please call IMG or locate a provider online that is close to you to seek treatment. In most cases you will need to pay for your medical expenses at the time of treatment and then submit a claim for reimbursement.


If you have been given a prescription by the doctor, please visit any local pharmacy to obtain this and pay the pharmacy in full for your prescription. You will then need to complete a claim form and include your original receipts to be reimbursed these expenses. The fastest way to submit a claim form is via email, however you can mail and fax the documents also if you wish.

Luggage Claims

If your plan includes the benefit, and you have lost your luggage or had it stolen you can submit a claim against your insurance plan to be reimbursed as per your plan benefits. Please double check your plan brochure or policy certificate for the coverage offered on your plan, and then download a copy of the interactive claim form above. Please complete the claim form with information relative to your lost luggage and submit it for processing. If applicable, also submit any receipts or airline documentation supporting your loss.

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