Client Survey
Results 2023

Every two years we survey our clients to gather feedback on how well we are performing and to look for areas for improvement. During the first quarter of 2023, we asked all our existing clients to submit the survey, and we would like to present you with the final results. You can find our previous 2021 survey results here.


Sutherland has been great to help us out and we appreciate the help and quick response that has been provided. Thank you and Kudo's to Sutherland.

Teresa Weyer
ASSE International

My account manager Alejandra Ramirez is very responsive and helpful. She is excellent.

Hakan Mansuroglu
H&M Education Consulting

Overall, how satisfied are you with Envisage Global Insurance?

Somewhat or very satisfied
Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied
Somewhat or very Dissatisfied

Sutherland and Leah are great. They are really helpful and respond quickly to our inquiries.

Brandon Geist

Leah is fantastic to work with! She's helpful, very quick to respond, pleasant, and makes my job so much easier!!

Jaime Mayfield

How well do our insurance plans meet your needs?

Very or Extremely Well
Somewhat well
Not so well

We have been impressed with every person we have both engaged with as clients and with anyone who had to handle a customer service related item. Truly a phenomenal organization throughout.

Michael Fried
Camp Counselors USA - CCUSA

I am extremely happy with the account Manager we have. She has exhibited Platinum Level Customer Service and CARE!

Olita Williams
American Immigration Council

Please rate the following aspects of your insurance plan.

Claims Handling

  • 79% — Good/Excellent
  • 17% — OK
  • 3% — Poor
  • 0% — Very Poor

24-hour Assistance Handling

  • 80% — Good/Excellent
  • 13% — OK
  • 6% — Poor
  • 2% — Very Poor

Account Manager

  • 99% — Good/Excellent
  • 1% — OK
  • 0% — Poor
  • 0% — Very Poor

Student Zone

  • 97% — Good/Excellent
  • 3% — OK
  • 0% — Poor
  • 0% — Very Poor

Renewal Process

  • 93% — Good/Excellent
  • 7% — OK
  • 0% — Poor
  • 0% — Very Poor

Thank you from Intrax Work Travel to the entire Envisage team for outstanding service with special appreciation for the care and attention year-round from Sutherland Beever and Leah Hammond.

Emmanuel Diaz-Obregon
Intrax Work Travel

Our account manager Alejandra Ramirez has been amazing from day 1. She is extremely responsive, friendly and helpful. She is always available for questions and concerns and addresses/solves them immediately. For our applicants we have seen some issues. We are planning to send out a survey to them to ask them about their experience and once we received their feedback, we hope to be able to work with Envisage in hopes of making some processes more easy for them, if needed.

Franziska Steinmetz
Agent Au pair

How responsive has your account manager been to your questions or concerns?

Extremely or Very Responsive
Not Very Responsive

How responsive has the insurance carrier (IMG, Seven Corners, PCU, etc..) been when you have contacted them or had students contact them?

Extremely or Very Responsive
Somewhat Responsive
Not Very Responsive

Leah Jones is amazing and we are so happy to work with her

Danielle Allenbrand
United Studies

I have had Sutherland Schneider as our account manager for years and she has always been quick to assist. We value having her as our account manager as we know we as a company and our program participants are well taken care of.

Alexis Melville
American Work Adventures

How effective has your account manager been for you?


Very Effective


Not Very Effective

How likely is it that you would recommend us?


Likely or Very Likely


Neither likely nor unlikely