Client Survey
Results 2021

Each year we survey our clients to gather feedback on how well we are performing and to look for areas for improvement. During the first quarter of 2021, we asked all our existing clients to submit the survey, and we would like to present you with the final results.

Overall, how satisfied are you with Envisage Global Insurance?

Somewhat or very satisfied
Somewhat Dissatisfied
Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied

Thanks so much to Ross, Leah, and Sutherland — they are excellent at their jobs and I love working with them!

Talia Lev
Cultural Vistas

Our main point of contact at Envisage, Alejandra Ramirez, is extremely attentive and very responsive. Whenever there are questions she is able to help and solve problems quickly. She is very professional and made it very easy to get started working with Envisage and getting familiar with the processes.

Franziska Steinmetz
Operations Manager
Agent Au Pair

How well do our insurance plans meet your needs?

Very or Extremely Well
Somewhat well
Not well

You do a great job at innovating the way information can get to our participants!

Sonny Taylor
Vice President of Operations
Janus International Hospitality Student Exchange

Sutherland and Leah are great. They are very responsive and have always been very helpful when I have policy questions or a participant needs claims assistance. I also appreciate the ease of using your enrollment tool and the student zone.

Brandon Geist
Senior Operations Manager
Intrax Global Internships

Please rate the following aspects of your insurance plan.

Claims Handling

  • 74% — Good/Excellent
  • 16% — OK
  • 2% — Poor
  • 0% — Very Poor
  • 9% — Not applicable

24-hour Assistance Handling

  • 67% — Good/Excellent
  • 9% — OK
  • 0% — Poor
  • 0% — Very Poor
  • 25% — Not applicable

Account Manager

  • 96% — Good/Excellent
  • 4% — OK
  • 0% — Poor
  • 0% — Very Poor
  • 0% — Not applicable

Student Zone

  • 88% — Good/Excellent
  • 2% — OK
  • 0% — Poor
  • 0% — Very Poor
  • 11% — Not applicable

Renewal Process

  • 86% — Good/Excellent
  • 4% — OK
  • 0% — Poor
  • 0% — Very Poor
  • 10% — Not applicable

I deal directly with Sutherland Beever who is amazing!! Her customer service is impeccable, she is always quick to respond, is knowledgeable, empathic to my clients and always helpful in solving any issues.

Andrea Osmun
Au Pair Care

Sutherland Beever has been an extremely helpful and professional account manager. She is quick to respond to emails and requests and is a pleasure to work with.

Maureen Goletz

How effective has your account manager been for you?

Very Effective
Not Very Effective

Sutherland Beever and her team have been amazing in helping me navigate several insurance claims for my French interns. Sutherland has always been patient (willing to explain various details), dependable, and efficient in her work and our interactions; I have always felt supported. I cannot thank Sutherland enough for her diligence and assistance with some difficult situations.

Lisa Bekemeyer
Edina Public Schools

Leah Hammond is absolutely amazing.

Matt Simson
Greenheart International

How responsive have we been to your questions or concerns?


Extremely Responsive


Very Responsive


Not Responsive

How likely is it that you would recommend us?


Likely or Very Likely


Neither likely nor unlikely



I want to recognize our Account Manager, Sutherland Beever. She is an asset to your team. She responds quickly to emails, and always offers to go above and beyond to ensure that we are taken care of — she's been one of the biggest reasons we have stayed with Envisage. Thank you, Sutherland!

Katie McCormick
Expert AuPair

Thank you, Envisage, for your superior customer service and responsiveness.

Emmanuel Diaz-Obregon
Intrax Work & Travel