Video Overviews

Our videos are designed to provide guidance and tips while visiting, studying, or working in the USA. Acquainting yourself with aspects of your host country will help prepare you for a safe and successful time abroad.

us healthcare overview

Overview of the US Healthcare System

The US Healthcare System can be one of the most comprehensive systems in the world, but also the most complex. This short video will introduce you to the healthcare system in the USA and educate on the best ways to seek medical care.

mental health awareness

Mental Health Awareness

When visiting the USA, you will experience a number of new emotions and situations that could affect you. This mental health awareness video is designed to provide you with practical advice, and dispel some common myths.

sexual assault awareness

Sexual Assault Awareness

Sexual Assault has received a lot of attention recently, and international students and those coming to the USA on cultural exchange programs need to understand the concepts here in the USA.

drug and alcohol awareness

Drug and Alcohol Awareness

It’s crucial international students understand the laws in the USA related to drugs and alcohol. Be sure to know how to act responsibly and possible consequences. This video also provides some helpful tips on staying safe and warning signs if you or someone you know needs help.

transportation safety

Transportation Safety

When visiting the USA, one of the best ways to get around is by bicycle - but it can also be one of the most dangerous forms of transport. Learn more about transportation safety with this video from the US State Department.

If you have any questions about healthcare in the country you are traveling to, please contact us us for assistance.

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