When seeking in-person medical treatment, we suggest using your plans network to find doctors in your area. Inside the United States, your plan uses the UnitedHealthcare network and outside of the United States, you’ll have access to IMG’s international provider network.

Urgent Care Centers and Walk-In Clinics are often the best places to seek medical care quickly and you will pay less out-of-pocket.
Only use the Emergency Room (ER) in emergency situations. Your plan may include an additional ER deductible that you will have to pay if you seek treatment at the Emergency Room.

You can start your search for doctors in your area below:

Search in the USA

For providers in the USA, please mention your plan is part of "UnitedHealthcare".

Search outside the USA

International AccessSM (IPA)

Mental Health Doctors

If your plan includes mental health coverage and you need to seek care, please use this link or contact IMG for help finding a local mental health provider at +1 (855) 731-9445 (extension 3).


There are a number of services that require pre-certification, such as a surgery, emergency evacuation, emergency reunion and any hospital admissions. Please see your certificate for full details and make sure to call the number on your insurance ID card within 48 hours or as soon as possible or there will be a reduction in benefits.